Chinese leg breaking

vocabulary revision

WARNING many lists are of dubious usefulness. Vocabulary should be learnt in context. What follows is just a quick revision list and is no substitute for careful dictionary work and your own notetaking.

Match the key words with their definitions:

1. to saw
2. flesh
3. rod
4. to heal
5. to finance
6. to lack
7. the surge
8. prosperous
9. domestic
10. discrimination
11. eligible
12. scar

a. to get better, e.g. a wound
b. to need, to not have
c. to cut with a large tool
d. long, thin, solid, cylinder
e. a significant increase
f. skin, muscle, etc
g. not abroad or foreign
h. mark after a wound gets better
i. wealthy
j. have a right to
k. saying one thing is better than another
l. provide the money for something

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