Heaven is in the fourth dimension

The New Age movement

Is a new age dawning in which we will see an end, at last, to pain, strife and human bloodshed? Might we see an end to the obsessions with power and material wealth - a new age of peace and harmony? Those who belong to the New Age movement would answer with an emphatic 'Yes'. These successors to the hippy movement of the 1960's see the golden dawn on the horizon and want to prepare themselves for the coming cosmic shift in human consciousness, when it will take a quantum leap up to another level.

Someone who fits the New Age stereotype perfectly would be a vegetarian living in a commune in California who turns not to conventional medicine whenever they are ill but to accupuncture and homeopathy, who is quite mystical about the power of pyramids and crystals, who has hugged trees, who practises yoga or some other form of meditation, and feels inclined towards certain Eastern religions, and who is convinced of alien influences and of a conspiracy to conceal the real truth about what is happening to humanity.

The movement is antimaterialistic and believes that what people need most of all is to achieve a higher state of awareness by focusing much more on their inner lives and getting in touch with their inner selves. If your life is a bit of a mess, the reasons are not social or political or economic. The reason is that there is some imbalance, blockage or discord between the inner centres of your self. (One system - the chakra system - identifies 8 different centres which ought to be working in harmony with each other .) In the words of one New Age prophet, Bob Frissell:

"We create our own reality. In fact, all we ever see 'out there' is simply an outward reflection of our own inner state of affairs. If we see hostility and antagonism, it is because of what is going on within us."

If only we can sort out that inner state of affairs we can create a foretaste of heaven on earth. One important step in this process is getting back in touch with the lower, subconscious self, which turns out to be the child within us. Bob again:

"You make connection with this lower self by learning to be playful again. It also means being innocent, sensitive, and allowing your heart to open and reconnect with nature. We cannot connect with this lower self by approaching life as a sophisticated adult.

"This lower self is not just our personal subconscious mind, it is the subconscious mind of the entire planet with which we are connecting. We have lost this bond, we have severed our relationship with the Earth, and we very much need to reconnect."

The world as we know it is about to end. The signs are obvious - the most obvious being the natural disasters gaining in magnitude and frequency. At the climax of the crisis the earth's magnetic field will collapse, millions will die but those who are adequately prepared will find themselves in a new world - a world in the fourth dimension where matter has become energy, and where thought and reality are one and the same. In place of conflict and discord there will be global tranquility.

The only ones who can survive in the fourth dimension are those who are at peace with themselves and can thereby radiate positive energy. Those trapped in negativity - the negativity of fear, jealousy, arrogance and disdain - will immediately self-destruct as their negativity rebounds on them. (Apparently, Jesus was trying to prepare us for this by putting so much emphasis on love and peace, and a renunciation of any interest in power and material wealth.)

People like Bob Frissell know this is going to happen soon, and they are ready for it. They have been to India and spoken to Babaji - the 300 year old yogi - and they have seen the video of Thoth, who was with us as a spiritual leader for 52,000 years, and who left us on May 4th 1991 once he was happy with the level of consciousness that the guys in California had reached (they know now how to create their own energy fields that will protect them when the earth's magnetic field starts to collapse).

Worried that you won't survive the electromagnetic Armageddon? Perhaps you ought to give away your mobile phone and your playstation and get your hands on a copy of the book by Deepak Chopra which tells us where our chakras are and how to get them in harmony? Time is running out.

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