The case against spanking

vocabulary revision

WARNING many lists are of dubious usefulness. Vocabulary should be learnt in context. What follows is just a quick revision list and is no substitute for careful dictionary work and your own notetaking.

Match the key words with their definitions:

1. corporal
2. slap
3. perpetuate
4. brute
5. oppressive
6. offspring
7. wind someone up
8. inflict
9. abide by
10. toe the line
11. exemplary
12. repressed
13. haven
a. to keep something going
b. to limit someone's freedom
c. to do with the body
d. beast, like a wild animal
e. to hit with the palm of the hand
f. to cause
g. to irritate, annoy
h. follow, obey (a rule, law)
i. to behave as one ought to
j. uneasy about expressing yourself
k. setting an example to others
l. child
m. safe and secure place

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