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Nerves of steel
Aaron's true story of how he got stuck in a canyon and had to cut his arm off with a blunt knife. Ouch!!

Drugs and teenagers
Scott Douglas' story of his fatal addiction.

Break my leg, Doc!
Chinese girls are queuing up to have their legs broken so they can find a good job and a husband.

How dumb are you?
Ever wondered if you are as smart as your mum says you are? Do this little quiz to check.

Are you hot?
A little test for girls to see how hot they are. Plus some consoling thoughts for the poor girls who just can't make it.

The death of poetry
Poetry is dead. We do a little post-mortem to find out what killed it.

The next ice age
Forget about global warming. In northern Europe it's going to get colder - a lot colder. Find out why.

Forget Spiderman. Watch out for Geckoman. Nanotechnology will make it possible. But could things go wrong? Could the world be swallowed up by a grey goo?

Relativity for dummies
At last we bring you the fun introduction to everyone's favourite theory: the theory of relativity. Find out how you can use the theory to live longer.

No more heroes
The old heroes are gone - no one has pin-ups of them on their bedroom wall. What put an end to the epoch of greatness? Is the age of the TV celebrity any better?

Robocop - the true story
They connected his brain to a computer so he could control it just by thinking. Robocop is just around the corner.

Live forever on the internet
"Forget heaven," says Ray. Read about the man with plans to upload his brain and achieve eternal life in cyberspace. Who needs faith when you've got broadband?

Falling idols
Why do so many popstars lose their touch and end up recording rubbish? We look at the reasons.

Screen idle
TV - is the stuff you see on TV really as bad as some people say? An alternative look at the impact of the small screen.

Boy and girl problems
Why do men and women find it so difficult to understand each other? Why does love so often end up in a big shouting match?

Nuclear nightmare
Harrowing stories from the disaster at Chernobyl.

The president's brains
Where is the president's brain? If it's not inside his head, can he be the one who is really ruling the world?

Terror on the pitch
What was it like to play football in Iraq under Saddam Hussein and have your coach tell you they might just cut your legs off if you miss a penalty?

War stories

What happens when you lose your trousers on the battlefield? A true story from the invasion of Iraq.

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