ECPE Cloze Practice Test

The following is a Fullspate cloze designed to be as similar as possible to the passages used in the Michigan ECPE test of English.

It has (1) been known that grapefruit juice can boost the potency of certain drugs, (2) increasing the risk of overdose. However, it has only recently come to (3) that the same juice can inhibit the absorption of other drugs to (4) an extent that patients could be at risk of (5) receiving the dose needed to deal with their medical condition. These (6) startled the research team led by David Bailey at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, (7) had been expecting to see the opposite effect.

In the experiment fexofenadine, which is an antihistamine (8) to fight allergies, was given to healthy volunteers. (9) swallowing juice with fexofenadine absorbed (10) half as much of the drug (11) those who swallowed it with plain water. One (12) explanation is that naringin, which gives grapefruit juice its bitter taste, (13) the proteins that ferry the drugs across the gut wall into the bloodstream. Chemicals with a similar (14) are also found in orange and apple juice.

(15) makes these results so important is the fact that many patients are in the habit of consuming fruit juices with their medication. This could be particularly dangerous in (16) where people are being treated for heart disease, cancer and organ transplant rejection. (17) if medications for these conditions are taken with water on an empty stomach (18) patients be sure to receive the correct dose. (19), it is recommended that juices not (20) drunk for at least two hours afterwards since this is the time taken for the drug to be absorbed.

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